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Plasma Phantasma

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Your number is zero
Your face is just blank
All of your heroes are loaded on crank
Nothing is nothing
And nothing that's you
A coma chameleon in all that you do
Every breath is a seizure, every moment your last
Your imminent future is a thing of the past

Plasma Phantasma
That's all you ever were
For somthing as sad as you
Death is the only cure

Plasma Phantasma
Burning on my skin
Lights out - Time for dying
Right here is where I win

Now it's easy
What once was so hard
Easy to forget, bury and discard
Won't deal with this
Ain't feeling that
Time to dismiss the rabbit out the hat
Ain't what you know but what you can prove
The evidence say I'm me, but I know I'm you
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