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My Lie

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I'm not the only one, who has looked to the stars,
in peace, in fear, in wonder, inside
I'm everything you're not
I'm everything you want
I'm everything you've been
I'm everything you've seen
I'm not the only one, but I'm also a part,
of you, of us, of nothing, of time

Time bound to your thoughts

Travelling through nothing
Living in my lie
A door has opened to the ocean's heart
We're all within
Drops of water tied to streams
No one can win

Why do you tend to fear all the things that I love?
The dark, the void, the depths, the end
It's coming anyway
It's coming our way
It's coming to your door
It's you it's coming for
Why do you tend to fear to show what you hide,
from me, from us, from nothing, from time


There's nothing here to see
There's nothing here for me
There's nothing here to win
There's only what's within
You are the only one just like everyone else
One wave, one thought, one world, one loss

Time is nothing but an empty void
Time bound to your thoughts
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