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Eight Miles Deep The Well Forgotten By Mortals
Oh, I Drank It Empty In One Single Sip
Eight Miles Wide The Valley Beyond All Hope
Oh, I Filled The Whole With One Single Fist

Five Million Christians On A Ride Towards Us
Oh, I Slaughtered The Bunch With One Single Hit (With My Spear)
Five Million Women So Alone In The Night
Oh, I Had Them All Satisfied Profusely (Every Night By Myself)

Ten Thousand Trolls Hard As Rock Cold As Ice
Oh, They Ran When I Rose To Face Them
Ten Hungry Waves They Swallowed My Ship
Oh, I Steadily Walked Home (And I Only Got Wet On My Feet)

No Single Book Were Behelden By Me
Oh, No Question I Cannot Do Answer
Only One Single Lamp Do Show Me This Way
And That Is The Eye Of Satan
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